• LENSEY Keychain Spray

    Easy-to-use anti-fog and watermarks cleaner spray for your eyeglasses with split microfiber suede cloth in leather holder. 

    LENSEY Keychain Spray
  • LENSEY Bundle Package

    Save ₱ 38.00 for every purchase of one LENSEY Keychain Spray (20mL) and one LENSEY Glass Cleaner Refill Bottle (100mL).

    LENSEY Bundle Package
  • Effortlessly erases stains and watermarks from eyeglasses, camera lenses, helmets, and DSLR lenses. Available in 100mL bottle.

    LENSEY Glass Cleaner Refill Bottle

    About LENSEY

    LENSEY is a newly established corporation with a big vision: to transform the world through outstanding glass cleaning solutions. We are committed to providing convenient and efficient products that help people clean all kinds of glass effectively. 

    Our core values are innovation, sustainability, and empowerment. The company is committed to developing innovative products and solutions that help people and eco-friendly. LENSEY is also committed to empowering young entrepreneurs and helping them to achieve their dreams. 

    Bundle Package Saved Php 38.00

    Benefits of using LENSEY

    Elevate your daily life with a crystal-clear glass that makes you look and feel your best.
    Convenient and Aesthetic

    Designed to streamline your daily routine. Crafted from high-quality materials, including microfiber suede, leather, and brass hardware.

    Effortless Cleaning

    Effectively removes watermarks caused by acid rain and restores clear vision, eliminating fog, dirt, and grease.


    Specially formulated surface cleaning solution to remove dirt, mud, and smudges.

    All-natural ingredients

    Plant-based formula, extracted from a fruit nectar that effectively removes dirt, oil, and watermarks.

    Eyeglasses, DSLR Lens, Helmet & Cellphones

    Suitable for everyday use on a wide range of lenses, specially coated glasses, and eyewear

    Watermark and Acid Rain Remover

    Removes oil, dust, and water marks caused by acid rain.

    Microfiber Cloth Size

    Microfiber Cloth

    Crafted from suede leather, it efficiently cleans your glass surfaces without causing any scratches.

    Our Products

    Elevate your custom keychain creation to the next level with bespoke designs crafted from best quality material


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